A smartphone-based gamified augmented reality training to reduce fear of spiders, developed by the University of Basel and MindGuide. The training uses a scientifically proven approach to reduce fear, the so-called exposure therapy.

Training in Augmented Reality (AR)
The smartphone app uses the technology of augmented reality. A realistic 3D AR spider model is projected into the real world which creates a virtual simulation of a spider actually being present. This allows an easy and efficient training at any chosen environment. The training with augmented reality consists of different spider situations and tasks with increasing difficulty, frequent fear and disgust ratings as well as gamification elements.

Scientific evidence of effectiveness
To test the effectiveness of the treatment in real-life situations, the University of Basel conducted a randomized, controlled study showing significant reductions in fear and disgust as well as avoidance behavior in a real-life spider situation for the group that trained with the app Phobys.

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